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[LIVE] Infinite Monotremes play Track Could Bend N°55 @ Wenona 1°/°1/2°19

We are ever-so plz'd to see Infinite Monotremes roaming free and joining a night of excellent improvised music as part of Track Could Bend - a series of events curated by Joe Strutt (Mechanical Forest Sound) featuring improvising musicians from all around town, bringing the improv back to the bars on the first Tuesday of each month!

This night's performance will also feature the trio of Gilliam, Milmine & Pottie as well as as a duo performance from Matt Nish-Lapidus & Karen Ng! It will be a fantastic evening of avant-garde soundscapes and auditory abstractism!

We hope you will join us and the 'Tremes collective for a special trip to your

e t e r n a l _ o u t b a c k !


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