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$™ Live Review N°4: Astrolope + Sages + Erin Corbett + Piers Oolvai @ Duffy's °1/29/2°2°

l-r: Astrolope // SAGES // Erin Corbett // Piers Oolvai

The 4th in our ongoing series of live reviews details a night featuring 4 diverse and exciting solo acts presented by human_friend, Jesse Alarcon!


1st (er...last) up is...Astrolope! Working in reverse-chronological order, we closed the evening's festivities with PG artist, Astrolope! This was my first time witnessing Paul Geldart (aka Loud Paul) kick it live solo, tho I have seen him kick it in combos playing drum/percussion duties for both Other Families and Waxlimbs in the past (see those live reviews here (OF) and here (Waxlimbs))! Were it not amazing enough that Paul can work his magic in so many different contexts, the ability he possesses to multi-task in front of an audience is beyond commendable! Want proof?

(Big thx to Peter Gorski for the POV footage!)

Paul is a powerfully skilled drummer and masterful electro-musician (check his gear/live vids in the C-Dept!), so seeing/hearing these two things come together right before my eyes/ears is something truly mindbowling. Not only does the music captivate the audience, but so does Paul's stage demeanour which lends a whole other level of clever 'tainment to the act. Oh yeah, and were that not enough, Astrolope's audio-sync'd lite-rig is a thing of dazzling beauty, complimenting the music perfectly. To say I was blown away would be an understatement -- the energy thru-out the room was fuggin' lightning in a bottle! Ya totally killed it, Paul! (And now it's time for a fan favourite...)

(Big thx to Lex Metcalfe for the POV footage!)



So, right before being intro'd to Astrolope, I'd the privilege of hearing Glue Gun Records artist SAGES perform for the first time! Offering an array electro-dreampop, synth sequences are complimented by quirky, ethereal vox. Again, a performer with a sense of humour, SAGES works the room with grace. The gift for developing emotive musics which capture heart and soul is obvious; the ability to relay that to a live audience is admirable. With layers that just beg you to close your eyes and lose yourself simultaneous with block rockin' rhythms so you'll often have a pulse whilst strolling thru the mental mists generated in rea