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[NEW] Animal Party - Enchantment

The newest single from Animal Party, "Enchantment" delivers enveloping sonic movements via lush textures and serene atmospherics. A delicate blend of harp and voice float atop a backdrop of dancing electro-rhythmic interplay -- and what a beautiful addition to this artist's already exquisite recorded repertoire!

Sinéad Bermingham is a talent who seems to be completely cozy in her efforts transporting listeners to new planes of the psyche. Her music offers a feeling of connectivity to one's own thoughts and feelings; a true testament to the ability of the artist in sending emotion adrift along currents of air. At its best, music can be the most metaphysical expression of self and soul which humans are capable: listening to Animal Party's music, there is no doubt that this is an artist with ample ability and the compassion to channel these sources effectively, gifting willing audiences a glimpse into their own sense of being in the process.

It behooves me to mention that, being so supremely multi-talented, Animal Party not only takes the reigns as composer/producer, but regularly takes to the stage as a solo-performer, as well as crafting her own distinctly eye-catching album artwork! In addition to this solo-release, AP has also worked recently on an amazing collaborative single with Feyla (check it out here!), and gotten the remix treatment by Astrolope for the track "Sever" (remix here + our write-up on the original here!)...And, did ya know that Sinéad is also one of the newest contributing members to Other Families?? Wow! 😮


Sidenote: How about doing a little PWYC over on Animal Party's Bandcamp page this Friday? Bandcamp is waiving their share and all proceeds from purchase will be going to the artists on May 1st, so make sure to go on your new music buying spree this Friday, human_folks!


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