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[NEW] Erin Corbett - Swelter Molt Sweat and Mettle

OMFG! Does this album rip in the most loveliest of weird ways! Erin Corbett is an absolutely mind-bowling solo-performer (as catalogued in this little live review here), and this audio-document certainly captures the bursting energy and eccentricity of an artist seemingly exploding with creativity.

There's not really any way to set the table for an outing as divergent and cleverly quirky. Electro-based and packed with spastic sonic movement in moments, at others it's as if the silences between the sounds are the true focus (take 'SumWare' for eg). A fascinating effect, not like anything I've heard, except from Erin, of course.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I love noise and bloops bent and maneuvered into melodiously manic configurations as much as anybody, so something like the opening track 'RustMine' immediately shocks my senses into astonished transfixion. And there's no stopping there, human_friend! This is an epic ride of a roller-coaster fun-house journey thru a land-mind which must really be investigated to be experienced. So, take the hi-dive plunge and never be the same again!




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