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[NEW] The Distance by Jackson Welchner

The latest creation from Jackson Welchner, out now on Plutoid Records! Here we are treated to "The Distance" -- a new single detailing the feelings of bubbling stasis emergent in a locked-down society-scape, set against smoothly moving grooves over a harmonically rich backdrop. Generating those oblivious feel-good head-nod reacts and tapping-out your toe-socks already! So c'mon & whynot help yourself to some sonic soup for the human_soul, yo!?

For a bit now Jackson has been developing a dynamic repertoire of vox-driven nu-jazz, taking on most tasks himself thru-out much of his catalogue. Again we may witness this multi-talented poly-instrumentalist laying it down on bass, guitar, synth, piano, and of course vocals. In addition to this army of one, we also get elegantly intertwined trumpet provided by Kaelin Murphy, and all those distinctly deep-pocket drumming skills of Stuart Mein (also of Luge, Sly Why... and let's not forget about how Jackson himself is a member of the illustrious Other Families even, no word of a lie). Anyhoo, ya'd better go ahead and check out this excitingly modern new sound in this our very present age of supreme post-boredom, cuz I know you've got the time, human_friend 😉

(And it helps! I promise! Good medicine!) ❤,



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