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[WATCH] Dog Drive Mantis - We Were Watching

The journey of a singular powerful ambiguous package has never been embodied with a soundtrack such as this: frantic excitement off the get-go, dangerous might in articulation and phrase structure, and the constant curious thrill for not knowing what comes next in the plot!

As you stare witness to the package’s movement from person-to-person, we are given scenes of Mississauga jazz rock fusion quartet, Dog Drive Mantis, who actually started the package on its trip, perform in studio.

Groove-driven intensity steams off these guys, all tight in this seemly living organic arrangement, shifting between smoothly rolls and mad bashes, distinctly flavoured with bravado by Derek Serbin’s alto sax.

‘We Were Watching’ appears on How Did We Get Here?, the 2018 debut album by Dog Drive Mantis, available on various online music platforms, including Bandcamp and Spotify.


Originally posted to Ride The Tempo on 01/29/2019

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