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[WATCH] Luge - Head Boy

Please do not worry if you find yourself in a headspace of satisfying confusion and awkward euphoria from watching this music video for “Head Boy” by Torontonian art punk-rock 4-piece, Luge. Your day will be enriched from this simple yet riveting weird experience. Circulate between multi-coloured light frenzies from an indescribable zone, and an alternative reality where battering miniature drum kits are hit at full force, you enjoy playing a two-stringed guitar with a friend and ruling it upon a car hood feels smashing. Both mental and visual entanglements are expressed well through Luge’s off-kilter dissonant sparse sequences and the bright cathartic energy at their driving core, all of which is set to Kaiva Gotham’s spoken singing.

“Head Boy” appears on Luge’s new album Tall Is Just A Feeling, released on November 3rd 2018, available on vinyl and Bandcamp.


Originally posted to Ride The Tempo on 10/14/2018


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