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[NEW] Debut EP from Hosana! New band feat. Eric Thorfinnson & Scott Carruthers!

In our time covering the work of Eric Thorfinnson (vocalist/guitarist + songwriter/producer of progressive metal juggernaut, Autocatalytica, in addition to his solo work spanning avant-pop to neofolk and classical guitar) we have become familiar with the brilliant array of sounds and textures which characterize his diverse repertoire. With Hosana, sitting somewhere between his other outlets, here Eric is joined by vocalist/songwriter Scott Carruthers (of TO indie rock band, Northern Heirs). Together they've brought forth a beautiful selection of immersive works which combine haunting vocal layers and meaty guitar-driven passages.

Exhibiting a delicate blend of these two artists' distinct styles, the song & word here is paired perfectly with precise vocals woven tactfully though dynamic sonic forms — the fact that you'll find yourself singing along on repeat listens nearly belies the sophistication of the arrangements. These pieces drift through peaks and valleys, like lyrical curls of fog spinning through in wisps and bursts, finding moments of clarity within dreamlike atmospheres.

From a new band this is a remarkably developed work and a solid introduction to a project I'll be listening forward to hearing much more from in the future!

Extra credit:

(Interview by Nicholas Cooper)

(Review by Toys)


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