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$™ on Bandcamp!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Hello, human_friends! Splendid Industries has now made the trip to kinda-sorta being a record label, or something! Check it out here:

With a focus on artists from Toronto/GTA/Golden Horseshoe, we have so far released one (1) mid-length debut album from Dusts of Binary (Demagogues & Barking Dogs), as well as The Peanut Gallery: A Year in Review — a 2 (two) volume compilation collecting the works of The PG Artists thru-out the year 2019 (twenty-nineteen).

In the very close future we will be releasing the recorded debut of Infinite Monotremes (a TO free-jazz/noise collective) as they take us on a journey to their Eternal Outback. We'll probably follow that up with some hyper-technical prog metal, or a bit of hectic pseudo-orchestral mathrock, or maybe just some epic pop tunes?!? Nobody knows, so stay tuned to find out!!

That's for folks, all now!




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